lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011


This week we celebrate Halloween at school!!

Do you know the real history of halloween? Let's learn a bit more...
What can you find in the hounted house? Click on it.
Click on the witch and  you can find some funny activities.

 5th year pupils: answer the questions (deja un comentario)

October 31st is Halloween. Do you celebrate Halloween where you live? If so, what do you do? If not, what do you know about this spooky day? Happy Halloween!

We watched this film: Nightmare before Christmas.

Halloween celebration photos
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8 comentarios:

  1. I don´t celebrate Hallowen. I know that to celebrate it they decorate the houses and the children disguise of monsters. They say: truck or trate! And the people give them candies.

    Carlos 5ºA

  2. Nice comment Carlos. Be careful with your expressions. HAPPY HALLOWEEN...

  3. No I don't because it's a english custum. I know about this spookig day that it's celt tradition. Children wear funny scary costumes and knock on doors and say "Tric or treat". People give them candies.

    Laura R.G.

  4. I don´t celebrate Halloween. Today halloween is a fun holiday. Children wear funny or scary costumes. Children knok on doors and say "tick or treat". People give them candies. Sonia 5ºA

  5. Thanks girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  6. I do not celebrate hallowen in my city.
    I think that is a very funny day all over the world.

    Iker 5ªA

  7. I don´t celebrated Halloween in this year because it was raining in 31 of October.

    I like, in Halloween eat much sweets and see terrorific films

    Victor Alvarez Cazador.

  8. I do not celebrate Halloween this year, but last year the academy of English teachers we dress up and told us a scary story.
    It is celebrated on October 31 and people loved scary disguises
    I like Halloween and bats.

    Raquel B.A.5ºA