lunes, 7 de abril de 2014

European countries

These are our works about the Eropean Union countries:
6th year
We use Popplet:

Answer the questions: (write a comment)
- Do you like the activity?
- Which is your favourite Popplet presentation?
- Do you  learn interesting things about the country you have done?

9 comentarios:

  1. Yes ,I like
    My favourite Popplets are Dinamarca,Italy ,Greccia and Croatya
    Yes ,I have learn interesting

  2. I like activity.
    My favourite popplet is the Spain popplet.
    I learn interesting things about the EU countries

  3. I like the activity very much. The best popplet is by Pola ( Paula Polledo)
    It is amazing. Austria ( my popplet) It has amazing things.

  4. The activity was very interesting, i love it!
    My favourite popplets are: U.K., Malta and Hungary
    I learn a lots of things about the EU countries
    @_@ LUCIA 0_O

  5. I like the activity
    My favorite poplet is netherlands
    I learm the flower of netherlands

  6. Yes,I like a lot the activity.
    My favourites popplets are Finland,Italy and Ireland.
    I learn different types of food.

  7. My favourite poplet is Spain. Great job, Damián¡¡¡¡. I learned a lot of things of the European countries. It was very interesting.

  8. The activity was very interesting I really like it.
    My favourites Pooplets are Italy, Malta, Austria and Finland. I like the others too. And the favourite Pooplet that I do is Hungary because this country has got lots of interesting things and is more completly than Ireland pooplet.
    I learn lot of things about the countries that my friends do and also about the pooplets that I do.
    By Paulita(Paula Polledo 6th) XD :-P :-)