martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Book day

This week we celebrate the Book week!!

This Week Claudius the Owl has suggested that I would name some assistants who will be helping me with the investigations I am following at your school.

-          As you know I’m a very busy person, I’m attending too many cases right now…
-           The Baker Street Irregulars are my assistants… so if you want to join them you should be facing this challenge and be successful.
-          Today I will ask you a question about something that you will need to answer…and your answer should be presented tomorrow. I will be waiting.
Remember all your answers must be written down on your “Sherlock Holmes Challenge Answer Sheet” to accomplish the mission I’m presenting to you.

The best three investigations will be reknowned  as my new assistants.
Are you ready?

 This is the first video of our adventure.

Monday, 21st April, 2014

There was a terrible tragedy in the XVII century in England.

Could you help me to guess what happened?


Now a new question rises: Long time ago there was a Queen who ruler for years in England.

What was her name?

Where she was from?

You really area great detectives. Good job my little ones.
Today we celebrate “Book Day” and my question will be related to literature. Are you ready?

Who is the most reknown author of the English Literature? And… What is celebrated this year associated to his life?


Well done!” I acknowledge the success of your work and I’m thinking seriously about having you as my assistants.
We are heading to the end of our investigations, would you be able to find the answers we’ll need?

In one of Shakespeare books appear a Fairy King and a Queen. Could you help me to guess their names??


Today is the last day of our little adventure; I suppose your Answer sheet is full of answers…
You will be having just a little time to accomplish the last task and claim yourselves as new members of my favourite group of investigators.

I’ll be waiting for your last answers.

Could you tell me the name of three books written bye William Shakespeare?

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  1. I love this activity because I am in the body of a detective but no a good detective. jajaja XD

  2. This is a interesting activity